Interview & Studio Visit with Opening Ceremony!


An Interview With Jason Jaworski : A Zine Master’s Travels, From Witchcraft Markets to Post-Fukushima Japan

What’s it like hitchhiking and running through radiation fields in Japan? How does living in a German airport prepare you for taking a 400 mile walk to Paris? And what does an underground witchcraft market look like in Mexico City after a series of gas explosions?

I recently had the privilege of being visited by the lovely Noah Adler and Stryder Bartow to chat about the above questions for an interview / studio visit to celebrate the launch of my most recent photobook sea being part of the Opening Ceremony collection in New York as well as in their online store!

You can read all about the making of sea, the process behind other SSK Press books and a bunch of other fun goodies in the interview feature HERE.

Thanks so much to Alice, Josh, Noah, Stryder and everyone at Opening Ceremony :)

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