1. Gonna have a bunch of zines and goodies from SSK Press at the LA Artbook Fair this weekend including some brand new zine launches!

    More to be announced soon, in the meantime stop by the Dale Zine booth to boogie :)

  2. The best thing about #Taiwan, besides everyone looking like @jamesjeanart, are all the bootleg shirts and shits in the night markets; you can go from having the best sandwich of your life for 50cents to 50 stalls selling everything from boiled brains dicks and balls to candied tomatoes, double deep fried corn dogs to bootleg masterpieces like this. It’s the best piece of clothing I own but it’ll never fit me cause I’m fucking huge and my boobs are bigger than any asian girl’s :( Was out there for 2 weeks but haven’t really posted anything from the trip cause I’m a douche and have been shooting on film but will post a bunch more pictures soon along with a book announcement for the #LAABF which this sweater will be a part of! #ROMEALONe

  3. The first five volumes of the 1000 Miles project are now available in the Hamburger Eyes shop!

    Get them while you can - here!

    Update: Volumes One and Five are now Sold-Out, but still available at The International Center of Photography (ICP) & SSK Press.

  4. Floating :)

  5. Happy Birthday to the King & Creator of the Shkit @bobbytrivia!!!!!!!!

  6. He was giving his kid a bowl of glue to put up more titty pictures :)

  7. #WomenOwnAllTheVaginas

  8. :(

  9. I never thought I’d ever see one of my books next to Jacques Henri Lartigue’s, but there it is -  the 1000 Miles Project now available at The International Center of Photography’s online store and at their New York location!

    Currently the top feature in both the Independently Published and the New Arrivals sections along with being on the first page of the bestsellers!

    I couldn’t be happier, thank you so much to everyone and especially Michelle Yo at ICP :)

    For more information on the 1000 MILES Project, please look here.

  10. San Jose Fortune Teller :)

  11. It was a couple years ago. I was walking through Fukushima a few days after the 2011 earthquake in Japan, taking pictures and helping anyone I could find. The first few nights I was there I slept on a bench outside the city, taking the trains as far as they would take me before hitchhiking and eventually walking the remaining miles it took to get inside the radiation zone. After a few days the weather dropped; it started to get to below freezing and sleeping in the street wouldn’t do anymore. I found an abandoned one-person photobooth lodged between two trees and turned it into a ghetto capsule hotel for a week. Closing the curtain every night, I surrounded myself with discarded newspapers for warmth and listened to music until I fell asleep… I’m so happy to announce that @WorldsBestEver just published that same playlist with a few extra shits thrown in as part of their Sound Advice series! Check it out here: http://www.theworldsbestever.com/2013/10/04/sound-advice-190-jason-jaworski

  12. #NY! The entire #1000Miles zine collection is now available at #TheNewsstand! Nice price of only $10, thanks @8ballzines @alldaynyc @sicknethi @xavierburt :)

  13. For those following the 1000 Miles MOCAtv project, a reminder that the blog dedicated for it can be found here, with the NEW main site and store for the project at www.sskpress.com.

    I’ll be highlighting a few items from the new store over the next couple days, I love you.

  14. Photos found in an abandoned house in Compton while on my #1000Miles project- available at the NEW sskpress.com shop and site :)

  15. I’m so happy and pleased to announce that the #1000Miles project I’ve been working on has finally launched its full site & store at sskpress.com!