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  3. A spread from #sea, my new #photobook available now from @sskpress! ✨🌀🔘💢🔘🌀✨

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  5. Just opened up an old suitcase of found photos to start a new book project :) @sskpress

  6. So happy to announce #sea, my new book on #Mexico is finally out on @sskpress! It’s the biggest #photobook I’ve done so far, 200 pages, with a melted hand-torched cover, charcoal rubbed title page and a bunch of other fancy fun goodies like a #Fuji print of this creepy cute mannequin lady :) All the photos are from a week in #MexicoCity when the Torre Ejecutiva Pemex explosion happened, only $10 in an edition of 50, get it from @sskpress, link in profile 😘

  7. Happy Birthday to my greatest teacher and friend- my older sister Emily aka @humantooth 😘

  8. A small bit of footage from when I was out in #Japan a few days after the #311 #Tohoku earthquake & tsunami; running naked through nuclear fields to reach whatever towns I could on foot with supplies I’d brought from #Tokyo and Taiwan. Sleeping in boats overturned on top of houses or in photobooths, I had as many cameras as I did arms and took some photos and video while wandering out there. Gonna release a small book with everything collected out there in April, with all proceeds going to benefit the families I came in contact with. More coming soon :) Check out @sskpress for a photo from the same moment. #prayforjapan 🙏

  9. #Fusion at its finest if it’s about the chef or worst if it’s about the food: @TacoBell fire sauce on a glazed donut after rental car road head & air farts a week back w/ @luuuluuuu @saeleeoh @sashagrey Mattia & Jessica 💉🍩

  10. A spread from #RomeAlone, now available online at @hamburger_eyes in limited supply ✨🌟👐🌟✨

  11. Debuting at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA for the 2014 Los Angeles Art Book FairMOIS is a new SSK Press project that will incorporate images taken in the future, the present and the past, with previously unseen bodies of work from Fukushima, Tokyo, Querétaro, Mexico City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Toronto among others. One new publication will be created every month from start to finish and will be released at SSK Press, along with a unique special edition copy that will include an artifact from whatever city the publication is set in. A play on words in French, the title MOIS translates literally to ‘months’ with moi meaning ‘I’. 
    (No, I wasn’t trying to come up with the douchiest way of naming a project, it was just something I came across when looking at old issues of LUI and noticed their word for months was mois. After some blah-blah-blah and a bit of time, the title eventually found its way to being attached with the project.) 
    The first title in the series, Rome Alone, has nothing to do with Rome or being alone, but everything to do with ‘Rome Alone’ the title of a bootleg sweatshirt my sister and I found in Taiwan of Home Alone. It’s the biggest zine I’ve ever made and the nicest, with a mylar cover hand-painted with acrylic, over 100 photos and pages, and a nice Fuji print of the aforementioned Rome Alone sweater. The special edition is even better- it comes with the actual sweater, along with a bunch of other shit only available with that edition including a postcard collection of unpublished photos. They’re available in the SSK Press Shop now, less than 30 left!

    Get them here :)

  12. From my new book #RomeAlone debuting at the #LAABF @MOCAlosangeles. This dude was wandering around #Taiwan cracked out on betel nuts, walking with a Thriller zombie strut. I’m not sure if the blood around his mouth was his or if it was from the raw meat he was eating, but right after I took this photo he sat down and let out the biggest fart and passed out. You can barely make out @humantooth in the background cringing :)

  13. Gonna have a bunch of zines and goodies from SSK Press at the LA Artbook Fair this weekend including some brand new zine launches!

    More to be announced soon, in the meantime stop by the Dale Zine booth to boogie :)

  14. The best thing about #Taiwan, besides everyone looking like @jamesjeanart, are all the bootleg shirts and shits in the night markets; you can go from having the best sandwich of your life for 50cents to 50 stalls selling everything from boiled brains dicks and balls to candied tomatoes, double deep fried corn dogs to bootleg masterpieces like this. It’s the best piece of clothing I own but it’ll never fit me cause I’m fucking huge and my boobs are bigger than any asian girl’s :( Was out there for 2 weeks but haven’t really posted anything from the trip cause I’m a douche and have been shooting on film but will post a bunch more pictures soon along with a book announcement for the #LAABF which this sweater will be a part of! #ROMEALONe

  15. The first five volumes of the 1000 Miles project are now available in the Hamburger Eyes shop!

    Get them while you can - here!

    Update: Volumes One and Five are now Sold-Out, but still available at The International Center of Photography (ICP) & SSK Press.